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Manage attendance, track working hours, recap & calculate salaries, pay salaries with 1 click, and instantly print pay slips for employees. 100% free!
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Bukugaji is trusted and used by over 100,000 SMEs in Indonesia!

Nggak perlu lagi pakai mesin fingerprint dan Excel untuk rekap data absensi karyawan secara manual yang ribet. Semuanya terdata sempurna di Bukugaji dengan akurat!
Kocu - Owner
Mi Setan Kepanjen (Malang).
Luar biasa terbantu untuk urusan rekap & hitung data gaji karyawan, dan bahkan pembayaran puluhan gaji karyawan pun mungkin dalam 1x transfer saja!
Ratna - Owner
Fruters (Jabodetabek, Surabaya, Bali).
Meski punya beberapa jenis karyawan yang berbeda- beda mulai dari harian hingga bulanan, data absensi & gaji mereka tetap terekap dan terhitung akurat di Bukugaji.
Ratih - Owner
Itaewon K-Boba (Batam, Riau, Medan, Singapura).

How Bukugaji Can Help Your Business

Track All Types of Attendance Including Shift Workers
Approve Employee Attendance Requests
Manage Employee Work Schedules
Calculate Loans, Cash Advances, dan Overtime Along with Salary
Generate Professional Pay Slips
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Made Especially For Smart Small Businesses

If you are a business owner that wants to manage employees with ease, Bukugaji is the perfect application that will help your business.

100% safe, free and accurate!

Record Daily Attendance

Mark attendance with one click. Its easier than ever to track when employees come to work or are absent. You can even manage their shifts! View attendance reports and receive daily, weekly and monthly attendance recaps.

Track Overtime

Quickly add overtime for all your employees as well as set specific overtime rates.

With Bukugaji, there's no need to be afraid of overpaying or underpaying your employees.

Approve Employee Attendance

Bukugaji has a dedicated Employee application that allows your employees to mark their own attendance. You will receive notifications when employees show up for work and you can approve all attendance requests with just one click.

Print Professional Pay Slips

At the end of the month, you can print your pay slips and share them with your employees via WhatsApp. You can also add loans, cash advances, bonuses and more to make sure your salary reporting is complete.

Save Time, Money and Be Stress Free!

Bukugaji is here to help smart businesses manage your employees, so you have more time to grow your business!
Employee data will never be shared with anyone - 100% secure!
Intuitive and easy to use. Only takes 1 minute to register!
100% free. Try now to see what its all about!
Made especially for smart businesses and SMEs in Indonesia.

Learn How to Use The Bukugaji App

The video tutorial below will explain how to use the Bukugaji app!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bukugaji?

Bukugaji is an application for SME entrepreneurs to manage employee salaries and attendance. By doing so, we hope to facilitate the pay roll payment process by making it more accurate and easier. More than 100,000 SMEs in Indonesia have trusted Bukugaji to help operate their businesses, shops & SMEs so they may save time and be more productive!

What features does Bukugaji offer?

Bukugaji offers features to help manage your employees. Features include marking daily attendance, creating work schedules, employee app support through the Bukugaji app, accurate salary calculations including allowances and deductions, printing profession pay slips that can be shared via WhatsApp, 1-click salary payments with Bukugaji Pay and easy reimbursements via Bukugaji Reimbursements.

How can Bukugaji help my business?

Bukugaji is specially designed to simplify your work processes when it comes to your staff. You can save time in recording daily attendance, managing overtime/leave, calculating salaries accurately, printing professional salary slips, and paying employees' salaries with 1 click.

Bukugaji is easy to use and 100% free! We are also committed to maintaining the privacy and security of your employees' data - we will never share this data with anyone.

Is Bukugaji really free?

Yes! Bukugaji is 100% free. All our features can be used without paying a penny! The only thing we ask of you is input suggestion so that we can continue to develop an even better app to help your business. If you are satisfied with our products, don't forget to give 5 star rating and review on the Google Play Store! 😊

Is Bukugaji available on the App Store for iOS users?

Sorry, Bukugaji is currently not available on the App Store. We are working on releasing Bukugaji as soon as possible for iOS users as well so that we can reach more SMEs in Indonesia. Wait for it!

How can I be sure that my data is kept safe, confidential and secure?

Your data is stored securely in the AWS Cloud. More than 100,000 MSMEs in Indonesia have trusted us with their data, and you can rest assured that your data will always be safe and secure on our servers - even if you lose your phone! So don't worry, okay? Chat us on the website www.bukugaji.com if you have any questions or concerns 😊

My business data is private. Why should I share it?

We are dedicated to serving Indonesian MSMEs and we know how important it is to maintain the confidentiality and security of the data of our users. That's why we invested in using state-of-the-art data storage facilities in the AWS Cloud so you can feel safe using the Bukugaji app.

I'm worried about fraud. How can I make sure an employee's attendance request is genuine?

Don't worry, you can approve or deny attendance requests from your employees via the Bukugaji Employee application. We provide three types of attendance that you can choose from: simple marking attendance, GPS tracking, and selfie verification & GPS tracking. Choose one method that suits your business.

I need help using Bukugaji. How can I be helped quickly?

Don't worry, we have a dedicated customer service team ready to help you during working hours 09.00-18.00 every day. Just contact us via the app, the chat button on the website www.bukugaji.com, or through Bukugaji's Facebook and Instagram accounts if you need any help at all!